that-green-spoopy-nomad asked:

((Hello. Should I be nervous to request art from you or anything? Seeing your art, i'm a bit nervous to contact you. ))


It’s ok, don’t be nervous.

Please feel free to request.
but, it cannot be promised whether I draw it without fail.

I have the theme that cannot be drawn. 

And I do not know when to begin by the creature of moods. 

Is that okay with you?:)

shiverz asked:

Hey there! I came across your adorable AT cafe post and as a fan I MUST GO! I live in Tokyo, but haven't seen this yet. Could you tell me where you found it please? Thanks!


「アドベンチャー・タイム カフェ」 meets Sign 代官山
場所:Sign代官山 (サインだいかんやま)

Sign daikanyama




My good friends Andy Bean and Fuller “The Councilman” Condon of THE TWO MAN GENTLEMAN BAND were kind enough to play BEST FRIENDS FOREVER a song the latest WOY episode, THE BUDDIES at their recent LA show at The Mint.

My wife Lauren Faust, who wrote the lyrics to this song took her inspiration from the Sherman Brothers tune WE’RE THE BEST OF BUDDIES from SNOOPY COME HOME.

Interesting tid bit, the “something, something, something” lines were originally just a place holder for lyrics to come later. I suggested that she use it exactly as written (or not written.) I figured Hater would never remember the lyrics to a song so he would just fill it in with well…. SOMETHING.

I love this song!